Epoxy resin E06 spl

Epoxy resin available in Atrak Shimi Gostar Asia Padideh Trading Company

Material description:

  • Epoxy resin is a family of two-component resins that includes “resin base” and “hardener”. These two components must be mixed in a certain ratio that is different according to its formulation and application and then poured on the desired surface or mold.
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Material appearance:

  • Liquid


Material applications:

  • Adhesive production
  • Floor Covering
  • Composite parts
  • Marine cover
  • Corrosion protective coatings
  • Reinforced containers with glass fibers and artificial stones
  • In civil engineering
  • Can and spring cover
  • Electrical and electronic applications
  • Wood coating
  • Transparent decorative pieces.


Material safety conditions:

  • Due to eye contact, it causes mild eye irritation along with corneal damage.
  • Due to short-term skin contact, it does not cause skin irritation
  • Due to long-term contact with the skin, it causes skin irritation and if repeated, causes burns.
  • At high temperatures, this substance turns into steam and it causes irritation of the respiratory system.
  • Poisoning from eating it is relatively low.
  • Use fire insulation devices of this material.
  • The vapors of this substance can explode when mixed with air.


Material storage conditions:

  • Store the contents in a dark place and close the lid after use.
  • Containers containing this substance should be kept away from heat, sparks, and open flames.
  • Never pierce, cut, or weld containers containing this material or place them near welding sites.
  • Empty containers of this material may contain residues that may contain flammable vapors and explosives.
  • When pouring these materials into containers, the container should be on the ground and when pouring the liquid form of this material into the container, avoid distance more than a few centimeters.

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