Titanium Dioxide Rutile (996)

Titanium Dioxide available in Atrak Shimi Gostar Asia Padide Trading Company

Material description:

  • White powder
  • From the family of minerals with the chemical formula TiO2
  • Unflamable
  • Insoluble in water, organic acids, and alkaline solutions
  • Proper stability against light
  • Product Type: Rutile Titanium DioxideU
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Material appearance:

  • Solid

Material applications:

  • In the paint industry (car paint, building paint, marine paint, etc.)
  • In the plastics and masterbatch industry
  • In the rubber industry
  • In the paper industry


Material safety conditions:

  • This mineral compound is safe in terms of toxicity but can cause irritation or allergies in the respiratory system.
  • It is recommended to use gloves, masks, special work clothes and safety glasses when working with this chemical compound.
  • If titanium dioxide dust enters the respiratory system, it can combine with the moist mucus of the airways and cause severe allergies.


Material storage conditions:

  • This mineral compound is safe in terms of flammability.
  • Titanium dioxide packaging bags should be stored in dry, cool, well-ventilated warehouses.
  • The packaging of this chemical compound should not be placed near heat or fire sources.
  • Preferably avoid contact with other liquid chemicals.
  • Direct exposure to water should be avoided.

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