Adipic Acid

Adipic Acid available in Atrak Shimi Gostar Asia Padideh Trading Company

Material description:

  • Chemical formula: (CH2)4(COOH)2
  • Odor: Odorless
  • White color
  • Low solubility in water
  • Soluble in alcohol and acetone
  • Ignition temperature: Spontaneous 420 ℃
  • Boiling point: 337 ℃
  • Melting point: 152 ℃
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Appearance of the material:

  • Solid

Material application:

  • Fiber and plastic industry
  • Paint and resin industry
  • Fabric industry
  • Tanning industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Paper additives
  • Battery electrolytes
  • Solder oil
  • Glass protection
  • Production of polyurethanes
  • Plasticizer

Material safety conditions:

  • Slightly toxic.
  • It is a mild skin irritant, like many carboxylic acids
  • When this compound is dispersed in the form of dust, there is a risk of a natural explosion of dust.
  • This substance is especially irritating in contact with mucous membranes and protective glasses or face shields should be used when working with it.

Material storage conditions:

  • This acid is relatively non-toxic and should be stored in corrosion-resistant containers away from alkaline or strong oxidants.

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