Long oil alkyd resin 60%

Long oil alkyd resin available in Atrak Shimi Gostar Asia Padideh Trading Company

Material description:
• Long Oil Resins are saturated polyester resins modified with fatty acids.
• They have a lot of flexibility.
• They have low viscosity.
• Highly resistant to corrosive environments
• Resistant to low sulfuric acid vapors
• Soluble in aliphatic solvents and slightly soluble in aromatic solvents,
• Has a low drying speed.
• Adhesion of alkyd resins is due to their polarity.

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Material appearance:

  • Liquid

Classification of alkyd resins based on the type of oil:

  • It is divided into two categories, which include:
  • Dry non-air alkyds
  • Dry air alkyds

Disadvantages of alkyd resins:

  • Low water resistance, especially in alkaline environments
  • Protection low gloss due to the presence of double bonds in the structure

Advantages of alkyd resins:

  • Can be mixed with other resins, thus improving its properties.
  • Alkyd resins are one of the most common and cheapest synthetic resins.
  • Alkyd paints are very resistant to sunlight, rain, and weak acidic environment.
  • Alkyd paints are not very sensitive to surface cleanliness and stick easily to the surface.
  • Alkyd resins are very resistant to corrosive environments.

Material applications:

  • Widely used in paint and resin industries, including the production of air-dry and matte and glossy oil paints used in buildings, decorations, furnace industries and automobiles.
  • In polishes, liners
  • In traffic colors
  • In glossy building colors
  • Wood and metal coatings
  • Coating of metal structures
  • Glossy white spray and…

Material safety conditions:

  • This product is flammable and should be kept away from flames and heat.
  • Use a special mask and safety gloves when using.
  • Use the product in well-ventilated environments.

Material storage conditions:

  • Store the product in a cool place at a temperature of less than 25 ℃ and away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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